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The Tip to the master builders

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The Tip to the master builders

by Eleni Stombou 


Arnea, Chalkidiki county, September 15, 2006. It’s been a year since the historical church of Hagios Stefanos was ravaged by fire. The restoration proceeds well and we are about to place the wooden roof. The voice of the master builder raises a commotion: “We welcome the tip to the master builders from Mr. ..... may he live long, may his wife and children live long, as many the flowers in the fields, as many the crops in the plains may God provide him with so many goods, thank you for the present! Wild hammering on the boards of the roof, they unwrap the next present... This is the “tip to the master builders”, an old custom of the master builders, no more at practice, which meant to arm the new building with the wishes of the community and reward the people who labored in its completion.




29 ottobre 2012 | Documentari

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