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La civilisation horizontale (La civilta' orizzontale)

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by di Bettina Hutschek

The video reconstructs the history of a fictitious Neolithic civilization on the basis of Bunkers and megalithic structures. The “horizontal civilization” originated from the Neanderthals, who – after retreating under the surface of the earth – have developed their own rites and way of life. Nowadays, we only see the visible architectures on the surface of the earth, which served as their “ritualistic platforms” – known today as Bunkers or Dolmens. The story arises by means of fake interviews and documentary takes at original settings in Brittany (France) and the mythological – documentary background story. In form of a poetical make-believe documentary, history and historiography are extended: by an associative and humoristic usage of architectures from different epochs, the video questions objective “truths”, the notion of space and territory and our understanding of history and constructs of history.


22 luglio 2013 | Documentari

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