A Trip to Delphi - parte seconda

Italian version - Versione italiana

27 aprile 2015 | Docuscienza

by Apostolia Papaionannou


Part 2


Some of the most accomplished and renowned greek actors and actresses who have the experience of performing in ancient Greek theaters set out for a trip to the archaelogical site of Delphi, destined for the theatre. Meanwhile, at the harbor of Itea a group of nature-lovers starts off a hike towards the site through the ancient path. The film-maker Lakis Papastathis visits the house of Angelos ad Eva Sikelianos, situated at a short distance from the ruins, now turned into a museum. The greek poet Angelos Sikelianos and his wife, the american actress Eva Sikelianos Palmer had created and organised the Festival of Delphi in 1927 and 1930. The film is a unique tour, an unusual trip, during which everybody involved attempts to feel the energy of this place, where the magical meets the divine; where History and Myth, Art and Spirit meet.

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