Toledo & Alejandria. Faros de la humanidad

Italian version - Versione italiana

25 maggio 2015 | Docuscienza

by Eduardo Gozalo


This film describes the transmission of knowledge through a historical journey. The first part explains how the Arab culture, which had picked up and expanded the classical heritage, became the Christian West through the translation was made in the border territories between the two civilizations, especially in Toledo in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. This would not have occurred without the spirit of tolerance that allowed the joint work of scholars from the three cultures (Arab, Jewish and Christian). The arrival of classical learning in medieval Europe had a profound influence and was preceding the Renaissance. In the second part of the documentary, a leap back in time, leads to the background of the knowledge collected and translated in Toledo. Thus we come to the Library of Alexandria, founded by the successors of Alexander the Great. This was a place where wise, thanks to the patronage of Ptolemy kings, could devote himself fully to the study, surrounded by an extraordinary collection of every book I could get in those days. The Library maintained its activity for six centuries, beyond the Ptolemaic period, reaching levels of knowledge it would take, in some cases, up to 1,500 years to become to achieve

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